Is O2 Germany a good internet provider?

Is O2 Germany a good internet provider?

Make the long story short, it's probably the worst german provider you can choose.


From personal experience I can assure you it is a big company, only worried on making money, with 0% focus on having good products or caring about their clients.

I call the way they get clients, a "legal scam". They spend a lot on marketing and have a franchising schema for their shops. This means that when you go to a physical O2 shop, you air in a lair of sales guys, with the single purpose on making you sign contracts. These contracts are easy to sign but hard to rescind. They're so focused on it that the guys there don't really care if you cancel your contract latter. They earn money for every signature they get (just like a door to door sales man) and after that they have nothing to do with it. In fact, if you're having problems with the O2 service, the shop assistant can only call the same support line that you would call yourself, wait for 30 minutes and then ask for help. On the other side of the cell phone we'll find one of the possible worst support call center lines, so anything a little bit uncommon will not be solvable at all. Nevertheless O2 gets their money so why change it?

Am I sure about this? Well I'll tell you my story.

Me and my girlfriend have O2 cellphones, both on her name, in some plan they call kombivorteil 10 euros discount. We recently moved to a new apartment and needed Wifi at home. Went to a O2 local store and the guy was really confusing, trying to sell us everything after we said we just wanted internet at home and change my girlfriend's simcard plan. In the end he convinced my girlfriend to stay paying the same, but with some extra 3GB internet. In addition, he practically forced us to accept a tablet that we did not want saying it would have 1GB/month internet, recommending we should cancel it until the end of the year so we wouldn't start paying for the tablet's internet. Basically we would get 4 months of free internet and the tablet, but for that my girlfriend would have to accept a specific mobile plan...

Later we realized it was all bullshit. He was in fact being confusing and lying intentionally. He was trying to force us to sign all the things he wanted, with the argument that it was necessary in order to get the promotions. Once again that was a lie because anyone can have those promotions anytime. Also, the tablet plan was not for free. In summary those guys are payed mercenaries to make you sign contracts. Don't believe that they'll take any responsibility on what happens. They don't have a way to help you, even if they wanted. They're powerless against O2.

Nevertheless, everything was supposed to be fine and one month later, 8th of February, someone would come to install the internet at our home. All good until here, we received the tablet, but never received the router. Then my girlfriend got a missed call from O2 and called back. They wanted to confirm the address and confirm everything was ok for the 8th. 8th February, I missed work and stayed the whole morning waiting at home, but no one came! I called the support line and after realized there was some mistake. Maybe the guy at the store got it wrong but on their system it was written that they would come in during the afternoon between 12pm and 4pm. Ok, I called my boss and asked him if I could take the rest of the day off. Waited until 4pm but no one comes. I call the line again, and now they say they have technical problems, but that's normal for the technicians to be late and that I should wait at home until 18:30. I waited, no one appeared, called again and the technical problems persisted so I would need to call them the next day.

We called the next day and heard amazing news! There never suppose for a technician to come because they had tried to contact us regarding a problem with our address 2 weeks ago and we didn't answer. This way they could't send the router neither the technician. The funniest part here is that when I called the day before no one told me about this. I was told 3 times to stay at home and I missed my work because of that. This person on the phone now says we need a new appointment so we can receive a email the next day with the details and get a technician to come finish the installation in the next 10 days. To compensate for the inconvenience they'll send us a simcard with 1GB internet. Remember when I said they lie? Once again, they said they would make a compensation and they never did... I don't really need another 1GB internet simcard, but why lie? Nevertheless, we assumed there was a lot of confusion but expected things to get better. Again, we never got any call or email...

We contact them by phone and now they say that I cannot have internet at home on that address.

Then I decided to do an experiment, I called again:

They say there are technical problems and they can't do anything today.

I call again: they say that I can have internet and that everything should be ok. The problem was on the telecom technicians.

I call again: they say that I cannot have fiber optic but that i can have a slower internet.

Crazy how inconsistent their support line is.

Still, the last person sounded reliable so I went for the slow internet option, and again they told me someone would come on a certain date. A little mad about all this I twitted something like "O2 service is the worst ever", and this is the first time they take the initiative of asking talking to me by their initiative. On twitter they ask me to speak on private message. I explain the problem and now they say that my O2 account is blocked and that they need an identity check. After I share this story with them they stopped replying. I went to the shop where I went in the first place. By the way, pretty much no one on this company in Germany is capable of speaking english, even at the shop. Luckily my girlfriend can speak perfect german but when I tried to call the call center, and after waiting 40 minutes on the line, started by asking "do you speak enligh?" and the person on the other side said "No, no, no" and turned off the phone. So I think I need to add the unpolitest trouphew for O2 too.

We spent 5 hours at the shop. The guys there were hopeless. Like I said, all they know is to make you sign papers. They admitted they couldn't help us that much. In the end we sent the ID by fax and my account was unblocked. They made another contract, This time I don't even got the 100 euros discount they were "supposedly" giving me, but instead we would get a free month of internet for the inconvenience... I would need to wait their contact to have a date for the internet. With no surprises, no contact happened so we called back. They told us to wait. I called for 3 weeks and they told us to wait again. Now they said again that apparently I cannot have internet fiber optic there because the guys from telecom don't find something... I'm not even sure why were they trying the finer again... The only thing I can do now is probably cancel the contract. I spent a lot of internet on O2 phones in the 3 month I didn't have internet at home (my building has 8 floors, 8 apartments per floor, in Munich city center and pretty much every apart has internet).

If you choose O2, the only people you can talk face to face are mercenaries who want to take your money. They'll tell you lies regardless your concerns or even O2's reputation. The support line is useless and 70% of the calls end with their system not working so you'll have to call the next day. O2 mobile service coverage is very bad also.

Advice from first hand experience:

If you are choosing O2 you falling into a scam. Do yourself a favor and choose any service but O2's.


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