From Wordpress to GitHub and with Custom Domain

Recently, I moved my writings from Worpress to GitHub.

In addition, I created a profile on and I wanted to have everything under the same domain (

The plan was to have the profile as the landing page,
but does not provide a custom domain service.
In fact, they were planing to add it.
Although, because they were acquired by AOL, it isn't sure if that is going to happen anytime soon.

I could have used a rewrite rule in the htaccess, but either get the redirect without the URL or get the URL with broken links.
Furthermore, I wanted to have the blog posts under the same domain, so this would never work.

My solution was to host the blog in GitHub
(All GitHub accounts include web hosting and you can add custom domains to it.)
and use the old style framesets to embed the profile,
the only issue with this solution is that it will mess the link source statistics,
obvious the source link will always be your own web site.

Lots of people asked how I did.
Next, I'll explain the whole process (you should consider as an example, replace it with your domain):


After creating the repository, in my case
Create an index.html file like the one bellow. This is the magic for embedding or any other site into any webpage under any domain.
However, when you're using frames with pages not from the same domain, you will have some limitation, that happens for security reasons.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN"

  Personal Web Site

Then, create a file called CNAME containing your domain, so that GitHub will accept the custom domain, this can be done in the shell:

    echo "" > CNAME

You need to add the CNAME record to your DNS (it should redirect to

Exporting posts from wordpress:

The first step is to download the xml file containing the posts (replace miguelregedor with your wordpress username):

At this point I tried to use Jekyll::WordpressDotCom to create the posts.
However, it was a litle bit buggy at the time.
I created a script (based on Jekyll code). After downloading the script,
you can use it to generate the posts with something like this:

$ ruby -r 'wordpress_xml.rb' -e 'WordpressXML.to_posts("wordpress.xml")'

Now you have a folder with all your posts.
You just need to add a file that will list the posts:


        { % for post in site.posts %}

          { { post.title }},
          { { | date_to_long_string }}

        { % endfor %}

To have a better understanding of how to organize your files, you can look at my repository.


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