I am sure you all love Evernote and postach.io. I write my blog posts with markdown and bamm! It's automatically online, good looking, nicely formatted... at least most of the time. Nevertheless, it would be great to see the markdown result before putting a post online. There are a few web sites for parsing markdown but I would rather prefer something side by side with Evernote showing me the result and obviously that could be run offline.

Marked2, Evernote and Everwatch

My first try was Marked2, although it does not integrate by default with Evernote, let's say that Evernote is not simply a text file editor, it saves the notes on its own way, but Marked basically watches for changes in a file, and I don't know where my "note file" is.

However it is not that hard to get this duo to work, Brett Terpstra worked out a few scripts to help with this and other Evernote integrations, for this case everwatch is the script we need. Therefor I had the need to do a few updates to this ruby script to make it work with the latest version of marked (Marked2) and Evernote.

The updated everwatch ruby script is what you need if you want to preview you Evernote markdown notes using Marked2.

Note: Marked2 is perfect apart from the fact that it is payed, sure you can check the trial version and if you like it, it´s worth the money.

Evermark (Evernote Markdown Preview)

Maybe because I did not want to buy Marked2 (maybe open source self conflict issues) I decided to create Evermark.

Evermark is a simple App that you can connect to Evernote through applescript and that shows you the parsed markdown html with a nice code highlight and CSS on the browser of you choice. As you do changes on Evernote the page is refreshed in few seconds.

The app has few dependencies but you need to have xcode intalled on your mac. If you don't have it though, you should open a terminal before using Evermark and type:

xcode-select --install

The app is available for free and the source code is on GitHub

it was heavily inspirited by everwatch and live.js, since it was coded in ruby I used platypus to wrap it into a OSX app.

Almost forgot... the download link.

And the source code too!

Installation and Usage Video

The Evermark Jingle

I had so much fun doing it that I even made a Jingle:


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