Writings by Miguel Regedor

Random writings sometimes in portuguese, other times in english.

  1. Is O2 Germany a good internet provider?

  2. Swapping values order for every line with vim

  3. Evermark

  4. How to remove empty values from hash?

  5. Syntax highlighting for your evernote postach.io ...

  6. Symbol that is equals to any String

  7. O empreendedor que faz empreender

  8. Ruby 2 is out!

  9. Exclusivamente Software Livre nas Escolas

  10. From Wordpress to GitHub and About.me with Custom ...

  11. Contact Day Sonae

  12. Analysing and Measuring Open Source Projects

  13. Shutdown Timer

  14. Create XML schema from XML file

  15. ActionMailler and Gmail (no plugins)

  16. Gato Fedorento - Esmiúça os Sufrágios

  17. Change default user shell

  18. Hash to Object

  19. Git push to remote non default port

  20. Object.tot

  21. Git clone from remote repository with ssh and non ...

  22. Git diff pacth

  23. Get all values of a single column efficiently

  24. Rewrite humanize

  25. Ruby on Rails no Ubuntu

  26. Ruby on Rails no Ubuntu

  27. How to Install Skype (Ubuntu)

  28. Awareness Test

  29. PayPal Payments Standard, Subscriptions and IPN ...

  30. E o semestre acabou

  31. VIM for beginners

  32. Finntroll

  33. Paco de Lúcia em Lisboa

  34. Hello world